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With Carmogeddon looming less than 12 hours away I want to go over Waze, a navigation app that I think will prove much more disruptive than a 53 hour shutdown of the 405. By disruptive I mean that this little startup has the potential to revolutionize one of the least favorite parts of many peoples […]

Ode to Speakerphone

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This just in: Cell phones cause cancer. The following is an excerpt from this article on CNN.com: Radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. Let’s be honest, this news […]

Square Up

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So my square reader came in last week. If you haven’t heard it’s a credit card processing system that integrates with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or other smartphones running the Android OS (I’m not sure if they support windows mobile yet). The credit card reader is super small and plugs right into your phones […]


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Just got a hi-gain antenna b/c the internal antenna on my imac wasn’t cutting it. By the time the wifi signal reaches the second floor I was only seeing about 3000kbps downstream which is super slow for FiOS. The results of my first speed test with the new antenna are…fassssst

Beem me up Scotty

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So I’ve been cleaning out the storage unit and finding lots of really useful stuff like 8MB CF cards (My SLR takes pictures that would fill up that card in 1 shot) and my OG iPod that’s as thick as a…Brick. BUT, when I saw this AOL floppy from 1995 I had to post it. […]

One Infinite Loop

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Apple headquarters. Nothing to see here, just a gift shop and a bunch of geeks in tight jeans and nerds walking around in birkinstocks and jean shorts. Just to clarify the geeks are in the gift shop and the nerds are the ones walking around the campus with crazy hair staring aimlessly into space…they’re the […]