Beem me up Scotty

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So I’ve been cleaning out the storage unit and finding lots of really useful stuff like 8MB CF cards (My SLR takes pictures that would fill up that card in 1 shot) and my OG iPod that’s as thick as a…Brick. BUT, when I saw this AOL floppy from 1995 I had to post it. Remember those days? You click connect and then actually hear the modem dial the phone number to your ISP. Remember the time you put the wrong one in and your phone bill was $500 because it was a long distance number? Of course signing on during peak hours often meant busy signals so you hoped and prayed to hear the modem squawk to life like a banshee screeching and beeping in some sort of high-tech handshake. After that it was “Welcome” and then everybody’s favorite “You’ve got mail”…ahh the good old days. I’d forgotten how the signing on was such an auditory experience.